To create a graphic design poster out of my master copy of "Bust of a Lady" by Boroque sculptor, Jean Baptiste Carpeaux for audiences that enjoy: detail, mashups, illustration, and design 
This poster was created to be sold at Cleveland Institute of Art's holiday sale

Time restriction - 3 hours
Unfinished graphite drawing - "How can I finish and refine the drawing with graphic design?"

Brainstormed design elements to narrow down options:
1. Texture - Added shaped body copy about the original sculptor, Jean Baptiste Carpeaux, that smoothly transitions into the graphite. I chose to provide text about Carpeaux to give credit and appreciation to the sculpture that inspired my master copy.
2. Color/Color Palette - I chose RED to reflect the importance and power of design, and to make it stand out from the rest of the colorful art posters at the sale. Notably, red also signifies happiness, passion, and energy. 
3. Shapes - Rectangular shapes were added as a design element to give stability and suggest order to the chaos of text and contrast. 

The end product hopefully inspires and allures people to be more interested in graphic design and in design in general. 

I brought in imagery to convey my abilities not only as a designer, but also an illustrator

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