Head in the Clouds
(For undergrad 3D Design class)
An initial idea of a play on light and shadow had quickly became something that was not within my realm of possibilities due to a lack of finances and time. Feeling stressed as time was ticking, I start daydreaming. My head went in the clouds. 

This installation explores themes of daydreaming, nonchalance, free spiritedness, and isolation. 
My purpose for these themes was to create and showcase a piece of artwork that I felt could represent how I felt during the process of coming up with the idea.

Consists of two parts:
Interactive isolation 
Overall aesthetic.
Shrinking tubes
Copper wire
Elastic cord
Water bottles
Food dye
Water ​​​​​​​
Ideation Sketches
Assembled all parts including the making of the lightbulb on a singular wire.
First part experience: Black curtains covers the 'daydream' to create the isolation for audiences when they stick their head through the clouds underneath.

Clouds made from polyfil attached to fishing line for maximum strength, and the lightbulb for 'sun' effect.
Additionally, plexiglass was shaped and attached to fishing line to allow the colors from the colored water to bounce and reflect off surfaces. 

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