'Learn fast'

This is a medium sized rendering of an interior space that was my office when I worked as a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) English Speaking Teacher. 

I spent a total of three weeks to complete this observationally and with photographic aid.
Medium sized: 12''x16'' oil painting of an extension of a childhood dream.

I was watching a mermaid swim progressively deeper and deeper until she hits the surface and breaks through the 'ground.' In relation to the painting, she breaks through the abstracted sky. 
'Explosive bottles'
18"x17.5" mixed media self portrait depicting an inner self.

- Watercolor
- oil paint
18"x16" observational watercolor painting. 
First oil painting
Done on shoebox lid

This piece stands among this compilation of artwork as a representation of 
the amount of research, planning, resilience, and hard-work I put forth 
Error 404
16"x 20" social issue watercolor painting

Social Issue: Electronic distractions dividing real connections even when social opportunities such as waiting in a waiting room arises.
Inspired by a homeless man on the streets of Beijing, China.

Lone depicts the silenced, drowned out voices of lower income society. 

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